How much money can you earn with AirBnb

Some people can cover their mortgage payments with Airbnb others are running a full time business with multiple properties. There is no limit to how much you can earn, it depends how serious you want to take it. 

In general, your location and the type of space you have is what will determine your income. A luxury condo in Las Vegas will earn more than a 1 bedroom house in a small town. 

Here are some variables that will determine your income: 

  • Your rental price 
  • Your vacancy rate – how many nights will you be booked 
  • Your place – How many guests you can accommodate, size of home, amenities etc. 
  • Your location – is there tourism, heavy business area, a travel hotspot, a large city? 
  • Time of year/season
  • Competition – Supply/demand in your area affects the price 
  • Automation – if you want it to be 100% passive there will be more expenses 

If you are considering purchasing a vacation property for renting, it is critical that you accurately estimate how much income your rental can generate before purchasing.

You can use the free Airbnb estimation tool to learn how much you can earn. Simply enter your city, country, number of guests

Find out what you can earn on Airbnb

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