Save for a Down Payment

Listen to advertisements for mortgages and you will hear everything under the sun regarding terms. So, what exactly is a down payment for a house? What Is A Down Payment For A House Considering todayโ€™s market prices for homes and how they have drastically risen, mortgages have become a necessity when purchasing a home. With… Continue reading Save for a Down Payment

Get Pre-Approved

Letโ€™s say you have completed all the previous steps. You have the down payment saved. You created a working budget that includes your anticipated mortgage along with taxes, insurance, and an emergency fund. Time to go buy a home, right? Not yet. Most sellers will not entertain an offer until you have been pre-approved by… Continue reading Get Pre-Approved

Common Mistakes

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will make. It can be an emotional process but that doesn’t mean you should make an emotional purchases. Here are a few common mistakes you should be aware of:  1. Waiting for the Perfect Deal  The market always goes up and down so it’s easy… Continue reading Common Mistakes

Key features to consider when evaluating a neighborhood

Evaluating a properties neighborhood is a critical first step in the purchasing process. In fact, experts believe that starting with a small set of target communities is a good way to optimize your property search. Key features to consider when evaluating a neighborhood are: Location Schools district Crime Rate Employment Opportunities Walkability and accessibility Entertainment… Continue reading Key features to consider when evaluating a neighborhood

Needs vs. Wants

After you determine what you can afford, itโ€™s time to start searching for your dream first home. Keep in mind that you may not find everything you want within your given budget. You will need to make some sacrifices. This is why it is helpful to keep of list of Needs and Wants. Your needs… Continue reading Needs vs. Wants


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How Do Real Estate Investors Profit?

In this article, I’ll share how investors profit through from owning real estate properties. Typically owners profit through one or more the following ways: Asset appreciation Rental or Lease income Commissions Water rights Mineral rights Ancillary Income Asset Appreciation The first why owners profit is through asset appreciation. A real estate property appreciates (goes up)… Continue reading How Do Real Estate Investors Profit?